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Monique Villa is an investor at Mucker Capital, a seed and “pre-seed” stage fund investing in companies powering a software-enabled world. She is also the Founder of Nashville-based ModernCapital, a community of startup founders and ecosystem partners committed to company building in the Southeast (#BuildInSE).

Monique Villa

As our community continues to grow, our mission to increase the number of startup success stories in the Southeast will take several forms. This includes:

  • Cross-regional collaboration: We leverage a growing expert capital network from across the U.S. to assist founders with visibility into the venture capital landscape.

  • Career development of future investors from underrepresented backgrounds: We are highly motivated to bring new diversity initiatives spearheaded in Silicon Valley to the Southeast.

  • #BuildInSE: As the Southeast region’s startup activity grows, we are dedicated to creating opportunities for connectivity within the region.

If you are building a company in the Southeast, or are an investor interested in this region, say hello: mv [at] moderncapital [dot] com"