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Kathy is a Venture Fellow with ModernCapital, an Account Manager with Clarus Care, and a Venture For America Fellow.

Katherine Quigley
Venture Fellow

Why venture capital?

"Venture capital presents the opportunity to meet and work with truly inspirational founders, investors and supporters. Some of the brightest and most creative people play a role in the venture capital community and getting to meet them and work beside them is a humbling experience. As the industry changes, there will be new challenges, new opportunities and new innovations and I want to be a witness to it all."

Which company do you wish you had in your portfolio?

"Rent the Runway. I had my doubts about a business model centered around renting designer clothing but Jenn Hyman (and co-founder Jennifer Fleiss) were able to create a business that not only captured the attention of the millennial female, but also allowed up-and-coming designers to expose their lines to potential buyers. They have evolved with time and adapted to the shopping culture in a way that has kept their company successful year after year."

What do you look for in founders? 

"In my opinion, a great leader and company builder must be authentic and tenacious. It is crucial to have both an understanding of the company, as well as an understanding of yourself. Someone who is aware of their strengths AND weaknesses is more likely to build a successful team around them than someone who thinks they can do it all. A great leader is able to experience failure, accept it and then grow from it. Those who can handle adversity with poise are better suited to build a successful business."