#BuildInSE Manifesto



Whether you are an SE native who never left, maybe left and came back, or are a newcomer, what matters most is your choice to #BuildInSE (Build in the Southeast).


We are hardworking individuals who commit our time and energy to improve accessibility to, from, and within the Southeast. We do this in support of those company builders who are choosing to build in the Southeast (#BuildInSE). It is our mission to increase the number of success stories coming from the Southeast -- however one might choose to define success -- by capitalizing on the knowledge and available resources in the region.

  • We are CONVENERS - Our operation is built upon a strong foundation of hospitality. We seek to invite people to join us in the work we are doing. If you are a founder or fellow ecosystem builder, you will likely receive an invitation to join one of our local events.

  • We are RESEARCHERS - Our curiosity and love for learning and investigating is insatiable. When we make new discoveries, we share them with our #BuildInSE community.

  • We are DOT CONNECTERS - We commit 100% of our energy to learning about the people behind the innovations coming from the Southeast. Nothing brings us more joy than to identify overlooked opportunities for people, concepts, and resources to join forces.


We believe collective knowledge is power. This is especially true for founders who raise their hands to step into the great unknown with nothing more than an idea and the courage to share it with the world. The future we see ourselves as contributors to for the Southeast is one that is:

    • INCLUSIVE & CONNECTED - Capitalizing on the geography of the Southeast, neighboring cities (and ones further apart) know one another and regularly engage in each other’s startup ecosystems with mentorship, investment, and other necessary resources.

    • VISIBLE & CELEBRATED - People from coast to coast know the Southeast’s startup success stories, and rich diversity of domain expertise, companies, and the talent behind them, as common knowledge. This information is readily available for those eager to learn about building in the Southeast.

    • ACCESSIBLE & APPROACHABLE - The Southeast harnesses an unparalleled advantage of hospitality, welcoming all who wish to visit — whether for a few hours, a few days, or for many years.