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2019 Venture Fellow Program

In partnership with Launch Tennessee, ModernCapital's Venture Fellowship is designed for the next generation of startup leaders and investors to become immersed in the world of venture capital.

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A standard week as a Venture Fellow will include:

Startup research and analysis - evaluating startup activity in the Southeastern U.S. through a combination of online research, conversations with startup founders and investors, and market analysis
Investor and industry expert research and outreach - researching startup ecosystem supporters and drawing insights on current investor activity
Written content - authoring content based on data gathered, including collaboration on various report types for publication
Ecosystem building - event planning (one event per quarter)

Venture Fellow candidates have intellectual curiosity, creativity, and belief in the power of experimentation, collaboration, and community. Prior to joining, the ideal candidate has 1-2 years of experience in any/all of the following:

Working for a startup in either a full-time, part-time or intern capacity
Interning as a seasonal associate for a venture capital fund, accelerator/incubator, investment bank, or come from a consulting background
Studying entrepreneurship or another business major as an undergrad